TI Connect Download Free For PC [March 2023]

TI Connect Download Free For PC

TI Connect is software available from Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments corporation is an American technology company. It allows users to transfer files between a TI graphing calculator and a computer using a link cable. It lets you transfer data, update the operating system and download calculator apps to your graphing calculator.

Including linking your TI calculator to your computer, it also backs up the calculator memory and captures screenshots from the calculator to get used in your work.

What is TI connect?

This app is the successor of the TI-Graph link software. Both of the apps have similar functions to some extent. But the main difference is that TI connect doesn’t require a software version specifically designed for each calculator. The app supports many of the models that can link. So users don’t have to install multiple programs.

It is a modern connectivity software that aims to transfer data between a graphing calculator and a computer. This software includes various tools such as

  • Device explorer
  • Backup
  • Restore option
  • Data editor
  • Screen capturing utility.

How To Download TI Connect?

Downloading and installing this software is simple and easy. You just have to follow a few steps.

  • Scroll down the page and search for the download option.
  • Choose TI Connect for windows (if that is the option for you) from the drop-down box in the right corner.  Then click on the option of TI Connect for Windows (English).
  •  Now move towards the bottom of the page and accept the License Agreement at the bottom of the next screen.
  •  On the next screen, you have to choose the option of  TI Connect for Windows (English) again.  A pop-up window will appear on your screen, for access to the permission to run or save it, you can go ahead and run it or choose where you want it saved.  If your pop-up blocker is on, then you may have difficulty getting this window to appear on your screen. You have to turn off your pop-up blocker option
  • It may ask a user to verify that you would like to run the program, just click on Run again. 
  • Moving towards the next step is to plug your calculator into your computer with the help of the USB cable.  If it is the first time in your system, the Found New Hardware wizard will guide you entirely on how to install it.    

Using TI Connect to Install Programs to your Calculator

  • For this purpose, you need to have access to the Archive link.
  • From that screen, you choose the option of the calculator you are using.  Then select which type of program you are searching for, for this example, I am choosing Basic files.  Then choose Math or whatever kind of program you are looking for. 
  •  From the next screen, you can limit the options down by selecting a folder for Algebra or Geometry or just scroll through the list.  
  • A pop-up screen will appear on your screen to ask you if you would like to open or save the file.  Choose to save, and select the folder from your system to put the file.  After it has been downloaded, select the option of  Open Folder from the next pop-up.  Now right-click on the file and you have to unzip the folder.  If your computer doesn’t have the option of unzipping then it must have the option of Extracting. after you have extracted it will put an unzipped program of the same name into the folder that you have selected. 
  •   After that, choose to Select a program from a list.  If you cannot locate the TI option on the list, then choose to browse, go to the TI Education folder and choose TI Connect.  When you select OK, it will automatically transfer the program to your calculator.  Once this process is done, in the future when you right-click on similar programs there is an option that says Send to TI device.
  • If you download large programs, you should be vigilant enough to archive them when you are not using them. In that case, the space and memory of the calculator will not be overloaded with unnecessary files and systems.

Drawbacks of TI Connect

This software has some major loopholes which cannot be ignored. With so many admirable features, there are a few bugs that are needed to be fixed by the developers. 

  • The users sometimes face slowdowns of the system that also result in a slow USB connection between the calculator and computer.
  • Another major flaw is that not all TI modes are connected to it
  • Sometimes, unexplained errors also occur during the data transfer. This disrupts the whole process and users have to start again.


This application is specifically constructed to be used with the calculators developed by the TI instruments. Using this software you can quickly download the apps to your calculator and you can transfer data between the calculator and your computer.

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