SMAART Software Free Download [March 2023]

SMAART Software Free Download

Smaart is an abbreviation of the System Measurement Acoustical Analysis in Real Time. It is the site for the tools that can be used in audio and acoustical measurements and instrumentation. This software is a source-independent analyzer and will work effectively with several test signals including music or speech.

Smaart has been owned and licensed by several companies. First, it only works with windows but the latest version works perfectly on windows and Mac. 

What is Smaart?

Smaart is a real-time single and dual-channel fast Fourier transform (FFT) analyzer. It is designed to help in a live public performance by blending multiple sound sources to optimize sound reinforcement systems. It also actively monitors acoustic parameters while the whole audio system is in use.

Smaart has two modes:

  • Real-Time mode
  • Impulse Response mode

This model includes dual channel transfer function measurements and single channel spectrum to display RTA, Spectrograph, and transfer functions measurements.

This mode is responsible for displaying time-domain graphs such as Lin (Linear), Log (Logarithm), ETC (Energy Time Curve). It also includes SITPA. SIT, clarity, EDT, and RT60.

This product is named with other terms such as JBL-Smaart, SIA-Smaart, EAW-Smaart, and SmaartLive. Later in 2008, it was termed Smaart. A standalone sound pressure level monitoring-only version called Smaart SPL was released in 2020.

Functions of Smaart:-

Smaart consists of real-time FFT analysis, including dual-FFT audio signals comparisons called ‘transfer functions’. It includes maximum length sequence (MLS) as a choice for impulse response, for the measurements of the room acoustics. The MTW (Multi-Time Window) is included in the implementation of the FFT. the length of FFT rather than making it in a fixed length, is made increasingly shorter as the frequency exceeds.

The latest version is Smaart 8 and it runs under Windows 7 or the latest windows. It also runs on Mac OSX 10.7 or newer. Systems having a dual-core processor and a clock rate of 2 GHz are recommended. The audio protocols required for this software are Core Audio, WAV, ASIO, and WDM audio-Drives.

The following functions can be done under this software. Let’s have a look:

  • Transfer Function
  • Real-Time Analyzer
  • Impulse Response.

Transfer Function:-

This transfer function requires a stereo input of the computer because it analyzes two channels of audio signals. Smaart uses the comparison of one channel with another by using the FFT. This is used by the sound engineers to set up the sound systems for the performances in live concerts before starting the show. It also helps to analyze the sound system during the time of performance. 

In this software, there is a direct connection between the first channel of the audio with one of the main outputs of the mixing console, and the second channel is connected to a microphone placed in the audience. The direct mixing console will allow users to determine how the sound changes with the help of loudspeakers and amplifiers. It also determines how it gets affected by the room acoustics indoors or the weather conditions.

The sound engineers decide the equalizations, delay times, and other sound adjustment parameters by displaying the difference between the intended sound from the mixer and receiving of the sound by the audience.

Transfer function measurements can also be utilized to observe the frequency response of the audio equipment which includes loudspeakers, amplifiers, and digital signal processors for instance audio crossover or equalizer.

Real-Time Analyzer:-

The relative strength of audio frequencies for one audio signal can be shown by the real-time spectrum analysis. It needs only one channel of audio input for its spectrograph view. The spectrograph view can display the frequency response of the individual channels, several selected channels, or various mixes. 

A spectrograph can be utilized to display the room resonance: pink noise is applied to the room’s sound system and the signal from the test microphone in the room is displayed on Smaart.

Impulse Response:-

Smaart can be used to search the delay time between two signals. In such cases, your systems require two input channels and the software uses the transfer functions measurement engine. This software is used to calculate the impulse responses of the two continuous audio signals, also searching for the similarities between two signals and calculating how much time elapsed between them. It is also termed a Delay Locator.

How to Download Smaart software?

Downloading this software is easy,

  • Look for the download option down on this page
  • Once you have downloaded the software.
  • Now go to your downloaded folder, and click on the Smaart file.
  • Clicking on it, your system requires permission to install the file.
  • Install the file by following the instructions appearing on your screen.
  • Now the software is ready to use and function for improvising the sound in live music performances.


Smaart is a multi-channel and multi-platform, can access multi-channel input devices and operates natively in both mac and windows. The most powerful attribute of the new version of Smaart is that it is object-oriented architecture. Users can run simultaneously as many single-channel and dual-channel measurement engines as their PC allows.

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