Slender The Eight Pages – Download For Free [March 2023]

Slender The Eight Pages Download For Free

Slender the eight pages download has never been this easy and sudden. Try not to raise the volume because this is totally one of a kind jump scare genre. 

What is Slender The Eight Pages?

Slender The Eight Pages is a free indie psychological horror/survival horror video game for Microsoft Windows and OS X on the Slender eight pages download. The game is based on the Something Awful forum creation, Slender Man. 

The goal of the game is to find a total of eight pages hidden in 8 of the 10 main landmarks in the forest, although collecting 8 pages does not end the game. 

Each page is a message or drawing related to Slender Man chasing the player through the forest. Each time the player collects a page (or if the player does not pick a page after a certain amount of time), Slender Man’s pursuit of the player becomes more urgent.

The concept of the game is incredibly simple – find the eight pages hidden around the game, don’t get caught by Slender Man, and don’t stare at him for too long. The simplicity of the game enhances the experience in our opinion. 


The legend of Slender Man has been around for a while, but it hasn’t penetrated the mass American consciousness. 

Although some people may be familiar with the idea of ​​Slender Man, there wasn’t an audience that was eagerly waiting for a game interpretation. However, the game attracted quite a bit of attention and word of mouth spread the idea across the internet and the outside world.  

Slender Man isn’t outwardly scary in the traditional blood and guts sense, but somehow seeing him standing in a quiet forest is terrifying that’s the reason it becomes popular in no time.


In “Slender – The Eight Pages”, there are a total of ten different locations where the eight note pages appear randomly. In the course of the game, you should master all ten locations so that you don’t fool around in the forest unnecessarily and don’t waste precious time.


“Slender Man” appears in the rulebook as soon as you pick up the first of eight note pages. This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the area and, if possible, the many locations of the spy sites. In this context, you only need to visit the pages with the notes found.

If you have learned the location of the pages from experience, it always makes sense to be closest to the target unit. So you can also save time and reduce the chance of marrying a “Slender Man”.


You can always keep in mind that “Slender You can” will never appear in front of you. It is usually behind you or hidden behind other objects. Therefore, you should ensure that the advanced game state is never returned. However, if you are at a dead end, you should go backward.


Your battery power is limited. So you only use the flashlight in case of emergency or if you want to follow. You should also turn off your flashlight in the presence of “Slender Man” as he can track them with the light much easier.

However, “Slender should find One” will gradually start flashing on your screen. This is a sign to you that you should disappear from this area. The best sprint of them all. Once the flashing stops, you can play the rest of the notes.

New Features in the Game

The following features are added in the latest version of this slender eight pages download:

  • Improved the main menu and added music to it. Now also includes links to Slender Man information and YouTube series.
  • Added various light sources (unlocked after beating the game once).
  • Added shadows (not particularly noticeable except for lit areas).
  • Your running speed now gradually increases as more pages are collected.
  • Removed the stamina recovery cooldown after jogging/sprinting and reduced the stamina drain rate. However, when you start running/sprinting, it immediately deducts 5% of your stamina. This allows you to run or sprint for a much longer period, but tapping the jog/sprint button repeatedly causes your stamina to drain very quickly (effectively getting rid of the earlier exploit).
  • The maximum distance you can see decreases as you collect more pages; this is to keep a similar challenge for people who have the fog turned off. Distance Shade can no longer be turned off for the same reason.
  • Added menu option to automatically skip the intro.
  • A pause function has been added, but you can only pause it if there is no static charge (which prevents you from pausing the game in response to seeing Slender Man).
  • Fixed a bug where the flashlight would try to illuminate the page on that side of the wall.
  • Removed one of the hidden modes (it was only a matter of time since it contained copyrighted material).


There are massive marketing campaigns for almost every mainstream game, and indie studios do their best to get attention. 

Parsec Productions has succeeded where many others have failed, and the response has been so enthusiastic that the company feels confident that their next game can be paid.

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