Protected Folder Download Free [March 2023]

Protected Folder Download Free

If you continuously worry about your files or folders getting accessed by someone else. If you think someone also can see or modify them, then you need software that can protect your files and folders. Now there are such programs or software that can password-protect your files and folders.

A protected Folder is constructed in a form that can protect your files and folders so that no one can see, modify or read them. It can protect your files with the access of one password.

What is Protected Folder?

Users are sometimes afraid of data loss, data theft, data leaks, or any other privacy issue. To avoid such issues you can have this software called Protected Folder. This applies the password of your choice on the selected folders so that no one else can access those files without your permission. It keeps the folders on the Desktop protected by locking your important data.

So if your pc is under the threat of some malicious viruses, this protected data can not be damaged or stolen without you unlocking them with the password. No one can access this data unless you tell them a particular password that you have set on your files.

How to Use a Protected Folder?

The usage of the protected folders is easy and approachable.  You don’t have to take any guidance to learn how to use this software. You just have to follow the following steps.

  • The interface of this program is intuitive. 
  • You just need to select the folders or files which you need to get protected
  • Drag the folder and drop it on the main interface of the application.
  • Select the option of ‘protect the File’
  • The app will ask you to set a password and you will set a password according to your choice or preference. Remember to set a password that is difficult and cannot be easily guessed by someone.
  • After setting a password you have a file that is protected and no-one else can access it now.

Features of Protected Folder:

The features of this software are remarkably efficient as a user can get full privacy of their data. Let’s discuss them thoroughly.

Lock and Hide Files:

With this software, you can get maximum data protection protocols to safeguard and secure your all important personal files, folders, or drives. The lock and hide feature allows you to hide your data and block access to your most essential data. It quickly brings protection to unprotected files and drives.

Avert File Deletion:

This software has a feature that is called Folder Protect accidental deletion Protect. It put a stop to the files from getting into the recycle bin.  With the assistance of the Delete prevention mechanism, you can give access to others to see your data while restricting the modification or copying of data. Now you don’t have to worry about the accidental deletion of any file if they are protected with Protected Folder software.

Avert File Modification:

It is also comprised of a robust mechanism to restrict data modification. You can enable full data-in-use security across all Windows and OS variants by allowing you to Write-Protect your information. It makes sure that no one can modify your data without authorization.

Lock Folders, Files, and Drives:

It allows password protection for your files and folders. You can set unique security levels according to your preferences for each item. You can also set trigger levels in order of any violation. You can make your files and folders protective in a way to avoid data loss or data theft.

Customize your Security:

So this feature let you decide the level of security you want for your data. You can set unique security or set levels of security with this software. With the help of these programs, you can make your file inaccessible, accessible but modify-protected, or accessible but delete-proof.

Functions in Safe Mode:

Folder Protected uses the Kernal-level of security for the files in Windows. Compatibility with Windows is extremely important. The more it is compatible the higher level of security the user can achieve from this software. It means that data security cannot be compromised and the data can be protected even in safe mode.

Pros and Cons of Folder Protected:


  • It is embedded with the Window Explorer.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • It can easily block reading and writing access.


  • The only glitch of the software is that it does not contain many configuration options.


It is very convenient to lose your data when someone else uses your computer or you share a system with anyone else at your workplace. If you keep your data encrypted with this software, no one can access the data without your permission. Only you can have access to that data. You should not be worried about privacy-leaking. Now protection and bocking of the files are easy and handy with this tool.

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