PDF Password Remover Download For Free [March 2023]

PDF Password Remover Download For Free

PDF files are meant to keep crucial data and important pieces of information. People use this format to save personal data, important official data, or information that they don’t want anybody to access. To keep the security of your data intact, you need to get it locked by a password.

Sometimes due to loss of password data, or sometimes a person forgetting a password. Due to this one can fear the loss of important information. For that, you require the password remover from the PDF file, but when you open up the web browser to search for password remover, you come across too much software. It is difficult to find the genuine one which can also work. PDF Password Remover is one of them.

What is a Free PDF Password Remover?

Free PDF Password Remover is used to remove the password from the locked and secured PDF files. The PDF files that are secured by the password have two types of passwords on them: owner password and user password. These passwords block a user from editing, viewing, copying, or selecting the text and secure them from unauthorized user access.

Owner Password:

PDF owner password is another name for the master password or permission password. You can secure your PDF documents by scanning, printing, editing, extracting content, etc. now once the owner password is set, the owners require a password every time they want to access the file.

User Password:

It is also called the PDF file Open Password. It is set by the PDF owner to stop the viewing of the files by anyone else. To see the file one has to enter the accurate password and then proceed.

Both types of passwords can be removed with PDF Password Remover. 

How to Download and Use PDF Password Remover?

The installation of this tool is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Let’s check out the steps for installation and also how to use this tool while unlocking the password from PDF files.

  • Look down on this page, and search for the download option.
  • Download the tool and proceed with the installation of the program.
  • Run the software by following the instructions popping on the screen,
  • Select add file/folder option and insert the particular file you want to remove the password from.
  • Now from the options of choose or print choose according to your preference.
  • Now select the folder location and hit the unlock option.
  • In the last step, you got your unlocked pdf file.

Features of PDF Password Remover:-

This software is full of high-end functionalities which can remove passwords from PDF files efficiently. Other than that it can perform many other functions as well. The other attributes of this tool are:

  • You can add multiple PDF files to remove the password from them. At the same time, the user can unlock multiple PDF files.
  • It can easily take away the owner and user-level password from the PDF files.
  • You can easily check the status of the PDF file after the removal of the password.
  • This tool gives you the option to directly print your final PDF file.
  • You can easily open unrestricted PDF documents for Commenting, Signing, and Document Assembly.
  • When you select “Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF”, you can keep its opening password while removing restrictions from the PDF file.

Specifications for PDF Password Remover:

If you want to add that tool to your computer system then you require the following specifications. If the system has those requirements, then it can easily install this software.

  • The Hard Disk Space required for this software is 100 MB. it covers 100 MB of space in your system which is quite minimum.
  • The RAM that is required for this tool is 4 GB.
  • The processor should be 1GHz, the recommended processor is 2.4 GHz,
  • The Java JDK and JRE should be installed in a system if you want to have this tool.

Pros and Cons of PDF Password Remover:


  • One of the main features is that it is the fastest PDF password remover available in the market. Other tools are not as fast or convenient to use.
  • It is available for Mac-operated systems.
  • The developers are offering a 30-day free trial but our website is providing you with a free tool that you can use without any hindrance.


  • It is not compatible with systems that are operated with Windows.
  • A paid subscription is required for any functions of the tool but that is not the case with our website.


This is the best tool to remove the lock from PDF files and this also enables the removal of different restrictions to copy, edit, comment, print or fill in the forms, etc. it has an intuitive interface that makes a user simply perform a particular task. It also consumes the little resources of your PC system without interrupting any other function of it.

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