K9 Web Protection Download [March 2023]

K9 Web Protection Download

Are you in fear of the privacy issues? Do you constantly worry about what stuff is being watched by your kids? Do you want to give exposure to the internet to your kids but also want to avoid the explicit content being viewed by your kids? We have a solution to your problems.

K9 web protection is a web protection for people who are conscious of the security of their web browsers. It is web protection that can be used by many different people or purposes for instance: parents, businessmen, office work, or online work.

What is K9 Web Protection?

This software can be useful to protect your web data by protecting it or securing it. If you are a parent and want your kids to stay away from exposed content on the internet, you can protect your PC with K9 web protection. If you are in charge of any position in your office, you can use it to assist counter corporate security threats. You can use it for personal help for protecting your computer by blocking spyware or malware.

It also protects from online scams. It has the feature of real-time and can keep a user updated about the violation of any security.

How to Download K9 Web Protection?

This software is easy and can be used even by beginners or at home. The downloading and installation of this software are convenient and do not require much time.

You just have to follow the steps that are given below.

  • For the downloading of this software, you need a valid email address where you will get the activation code.
  • You can download  the software from the link that is given below
  • One activation code is valid and can be applied to one computer only
  • Once downloaded, a shortcut has been placed on your desktop
  • Click and launch the software by following the instructions on your screen.
  • During the process of installation, you will need an administrator password that must be entered. You need this password while you uninstall as well.

The interface of K9 Web Protection:

This software has the simplest interface. A user can see everything on his screen when the software is open. All the sites that have been visited while using the particular computer can be displayed in the interface. Web addresses in red color depict the banned website and in green color are the websites that are allowed to watch or use. A blocked website can meet the protection provided by the software, so it would be nearly impossible to be around that website. You can bypass the block if you have the administrator’s password. Even an audible notification sound can be set if someone tries to go through the blocked website.

Features of K9 Protection:

The features of K9 protection are given below.

Website Blocking:

By default, K9 Protection gives access to the most secure categorized websites such as news or Gov. websites. You can add or block any other sites according to your preference. You will experience hindrances in accessing websites mostly social media or dating sites or sites that support nudity or explicit content. This software is highly customizable interim of which sites you want to be blocked or unblocked. 

In-Game Chatting:

So, being a parent if you are allowing your kids to play games but you have objections to in-game chatting. Chatting with random people sounds like the world can be harmful to kids who are still young. You can block in-game chatting with the help of this software. Kids can play games but cannot chat with any other player while playing the game.

Parental Control:

If on the sites that are unblocked or unprotected, there comes data that is not age-appropriate, then you can put parental control on it. You can choose the age, such as 13+ or 7+, or whatever goes perfectly for you. If the site has something that is not appropriate for the fixed age, then it’ll automatically get blocked by this software.

Real-Time GPS Tracking:-

It is a real-time application, which means it is automatically notified when someone tries to cross the blocked website. You can also turn on the audible notification sound if you want to keep checking in your office or at home.

Social Feed:-

You can also block social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can easily block the entire application or can select the social feed that appears on these apps. The particular social feed will not be shown the app and you can secure it for your kids.


K9 protection protects web data and blocks websites according to our preferences. But because of it, it does not hinder our web browsing or any other function of the system. It consumed less space in the system such as 4 MB of memory and 900KB of disk space. Even the slowest computers can easily run this program. If parents want to save their kids from internet advancements that can be harmful to their mental growth, then this program is a must-download.

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