GNUKhata Free Download [March 2023]

GNUKhata Free Download For PC

GNUKhata is an Indian software for accounting and inventory management. It is a free and flexible resource that can keep records of the finances of the users. It is developed by the Digital Freedom Foundation to keep records of the accountancy details of users.

 The core purpose of this software is to assist small or medium businessmen to deal with their sales, purchasing, drug ledgers, and more. It assists with GST-compliant solutions to businesses to assist them to automate the accounting checklists. It also streamlines their invoice and report generation.

What is GNUKhata?

GNUKhata works in a simpler and fastest way. It provides many functions for businesses and makes their work easier. Multiple functions can be performed by this tool such as store inventory management, finance management, and corporate tax works. It can be used for personal finances or business finances. Multiple projects and accounts can be handled with the help of GNUKhata.

It has multiple useful features, one is Dual-Level which lets you open the two ledgers side by side at the same time on screen.

Features of GNUKhata:

This tool comes with an array of features that are quite useful for users. This finance management tool can keep a record of everything that can be beneficial in the field of any business.

The main features are given below in detail. Let’s have a look:


So this tool helps to manage all the important invoices by keeping them secured in the system. Whenever you need any old invoice this tool can have it with all the details and date of the particular purchase. It keeps the GST, and VAT-compliant invoices. It also saves and secures credit or debit card notes.

Accounting Entries;

It can easily automate the accounting entries for the invoices. In that way, the user can have a record of all the accounting entries with specific details.


All the reports of the sales or purchases done by the company or any particular person are saved in an auditor friendly spreadsheet. That spreadsheet can be used if you want to share it with someone else or you can keep it for your convenience.

Easily Customization:

So a user can easily customize the software according to their preference. This tool will work in a way any user wants without any hindrance.,


Whatever is being spent or bought, registers for the GST-Returns on regular basis.

User Friendly:

GNUKhata is user-friendly as a user can access the data with the minimum clicks. It is a lightweight tool that is progressive as it can be approached on mobile as well.

Migration in the simplest Way:

The migration of any data from the software is not difficult. You can migrate any sort of information and share it with the other user without any hassle. This whole process will take a few moments and clicks.


This tool can also provide password protection for sensitive information. For example, the records of the sales and purchases or invoices can be secured through a password. In that way, no one else can reach that data unless an owner unlocks it with an accurate password.

Other important features are:

  • Dual-ledger is available, you can use both on the screen side by side.
  • Linking of sales and purchases to the sales invoices.
  • It is a free and fast application.
  • It is light-weight means it does not affect the processing of your PC

Downloading and Installation:-

  • Download this tool by sung the download option given on this page
  • Wait for the download to get completed,
  • After the completion of the download, click on the icon of GNUKhata.
  • In that way, you can install this software in your system
  • The interface is intuitive and one can easily learn to manage their accounts and finances with the help of this tool.
  • You just have to customize and add the particular information once and then it can perform its function.

Pros and Cons Of GNUKhata:-


  • It is light-weight and can easily perform its functions without disrupting other processes of the System
  • It is a fast and robust software
  • You can easily process multiple accounts on it. It can manage finances and perform other accountancy-related functions of more than one or two accounts smoothly.
  • It is specifically designed for Indian Users.


  • This is also counted as a drawback that it is only operable for Indian users, which means it is not vast enough to be used at the global level.
  • Sometimes this tool shows a glitch while installing this software. The glitch can take a lot of time while installing the programs in the PC system.


The small businesses that are looking for reliable software to manage accounts then GNUKhata is a perfect choice. It can also perform other functions for you such as closing books, profit, and loss, and rollover. All of this can be managed by this single tool. It is a great source of help for those people who single-handedly manage their work. The people who have low-budgeted businesses cannot hir human help for doing such work. Then this tool performs all the work for them.

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