Flocker Download For Free [March 2023]

Flocker Download For Free

With the advancements of the world, everything seems exposed and accessible to everyone. The security issues have increased because, with the increase of the people’s security system, new ways of cracking codes or password gas are also being introduced. Flocker will allow you to encrypt any file by combining it in one password-protected form.

If you want to secure any data on your PC that is confidential then this tool can be your savior. This helps you to put a password on any type of file as soon as it is created.

What is Flocker?

If you are in search of any tool that does not lock your entire system but only the specific files you intended to do. It keeps your data safe from malware, spyware, or any other damaging virus. If there is someone who intends to steal any data from your data then Flocker is the best option to have in your system. With that, your data will remain protected.

How to Download and Use Flocker?

The installation process of this app is easy and can be easily done by the users. Users don’t have to go through any guide or tutorials to learn to operate this tool.

  • Look for the download option on this page
  • Click on the download option, and wait for the downloading to be completed.
  • After the completion of the download, the icon of the app will automatically appear on the screen. 
  • By clicking on this icon, you will launch the system in your system.
  • Launching requires installation that can be done by following the steps appearing on the screen.
  • Now you can drag and drop the file on the interface of the app to get them password-protected.
  • You will get two options while protecting your file: allow viewing of the file or allow viewing and editing of the file.


The recently updated version of this software is compatible with all the recent windows of the computer. It runs smoothly on the following systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • XP
  • Windows Vista

It is not compatible with any of the Apple products or systems operated by macOS.

This tool is licensed free for the Windows 32 bits and 64 bits operating systems.

Features Of Flocker:

This tool is useful to protect files and it has amazing features. The features of this software are given below:

  • It provides kernel-level security to the files
  • You can encrypt certain files and you don’t have to lock the entire system.
  • In that way, you can make your system accessible to everyone while protecting your files.
  • It gives options to just have a look at the file or look and edit them
  • With the help of these tools, you can prevent unauthorized access to files.
  • It defends against malicious viruses that can infect the system and data.
  • It protects the data from applications that have viruses in them.
  • It uses a strong algorithm to secure the file.

The Interface of Flocker:

When you go through the visual aspect of the software it is easy and accessible. It does not contain any fancy features in the interface that distracts you. All the files are kept in a compact way in the main window. The simplicity of this app results in no time waste for the user. This app visually is organized and to the point. It is simple in terms of usage. Beginners can easily use and operate this application.

Pros and Cons of Flocker:

Like any other app or program, this also contains some pros and cons. When the manufacturer is making some software, there can be some drawbacks as well. The popularity of this app is that it has a lot of downloads which can tell how useful this application is.


  • The main advantage of this software is that it applies passwords without any extra effort or complex procedures. The application skillfully applies passwords.
  • While protecting the file, it does not alter the original form of the file. It keeps the original copy of the file as well.
  • The protection of files is easy,
  • Flocker is free to use.
  • It is available for all Windows operating systems, whether they are new or old.
  • It does not interrupt any other function of the system.
  • It requires less space which makes it more feasible as it is lightweight


  • The only drawback of this app is that it lacks a Password management system. If you somehow forgot the password of the encrypted file then there is no way to get back to it.
  • It is better to store passwords in any other app, otherwise, you can lose your data forever.
  • It can be operated only in one language: English. It‘d be perfect if it opened in more languages as well.
  • Only compatible with the Windows-operating system. 


Taking every aspect into consideration, this tool is lightweight and easy to use. It gets its job done in a fast and simple way. You can have your files easily encrypted with this software.

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