Download WinMend Folder Hidden For Free [March 2023]

Download WinMend Folder Hidden For Free

Is there any prudent data on your computer that must be kept hidden from other people? If yes, then the program you need to keep is Winmend Folder Hidden. WinMend Folder Hidden is a program that is genuinely easy to employ. By merely launching the program and setting up a password, which is required to bring in data visible again. That is it all about! There are not any settings or formatting options, except for its capacity to switch the interface skin shade.

 WinMend Folder Hidden is a tool that permits the user to conceal files and folders so that they become invisible. If a computer is shared by more than one person and one user doesn’t want his files to be visible to another person but just to himself, WinMend Folder Hidden will make it feasible. One simply has to form a password to hide the folders and files that one desires by the use of an application.

WinMend Folder Hidden allows you to hide selected files and folders on your PC so that they become inaccessible for others to open.

What is Winmend Folder Hidden?

WinMend Folder Hidden is a tool that secures your data but at the same time, it doesn’t let you hide system folders or further significant files for your computer. This tool also permits hiding files on a USB memory, so that they are kept hidden regardless of what computer you use them on.

When WinMend Folder Hidden is launched on your system you’ll have to specify a password. It is crucial to remember your password as if you forget it, you will not be able to reach your hidden documents. That’s why after setting your password you have to remember it and then simply hide the files and folders that you want to keep safe. In the application there will be a list of files that are added by you with the file name and path, and whether they are invisible or visible. Hence, you can hide and reveal the files on your system in an uncomplicated method.

How to Download Winmend Folder Hidden?

To benefit from this software, you foremost have to download it, then install it, and then let it run.

  • First, scroll down and look for the download option given on the page.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Follow the instructions that are popping up on your screen.
  • After following the given instructions, approve running the program on your device.
  • Now you are ready to get your software functional on your device.

Winmend Folder Hidden Features:

  • Distinct from many parallel programs, WinMend folders are small and favorably optimized for speed.
  • The hiding technology of this application will never let any file data get damaged.
  • Winmend Folder Hidden is secure and dependable.
  • This application offers High-Speed Hiding and Unhiding files. Whether the file size is dozens of GBs, or a folder contains several files, the file and folder can be hidden and unhidden immediately.
  • The application supports removable drives. Removable drives like USB drives containing files and folders hidden by WinMend Folder Hidden are not visible, not only in the computer where the hiding process was conducted but in any other computer.
  • This application is free and contains no advertising.
  • The program on the application is accessed by using the established “master password“.

Is Winmend Folder Hidden Safe to Use?

Winmend folder hidden is a safe and helpful tool in a situation like, if you share a PC or want to protect important files this can be your go-to application.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It can operate with any kind of file and folder.
  • Passwords remain protected.
  • No one can access your data from other OS or applications.
  • With this application, it is quite easy to hide files.
  • The item will come up in the list of programs along with any other file or folder that you have selected.
  • Drag and drop is also supported.
  • To unhide an item it’s just as easy. select it from the list and click the unhide option.
  • The unhidden items remain on the list for future reference.
  • The hidden files are not accessible on any computer.
  • The hidden files can only become visible by turning on the program.
  • The interface can be translated into any of these languages as per user convenience i.e English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Italian, Slovak, and Vietnamese.


  • No settings or configuration alternatives are available.
  • There are no files for assistance or explanation of how the program works and its encryption method.
  • The level of protection of WinMend is described by saying that Folder Hidden shouldn’t be utilized in more profound circumstances as it is simply suggested for home use.
  • Additionally, it would be pleasant if a new alternative was put in the context menus to hide files and folders rather than opening the program.


The WinMend Folder Hidden hides the system files in the same pattern as a standard virus would, just by inserting codes into the executable files it likes to implement. By just opening the program, clicking the button that lets you hide files and folders, select the desired file or folder and the process is accomplished.

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