AskAdmin Free Download [March 2023]

AskAdmin Free Download For PC

If you wish to block certain programs, sites, particular data, or services, then you might take assistance from AskAdmin. This software can simply block the selected files, folders, and contents. It is a feasible feature for those who intend to block certain content on their systems or from web browsers as well, for instance, if parents want to restrict certain content from the internet then they can do that with the help of AskAdmin.

You can’t always trust the built-in features of the system, you always need some external software to restrict some of the content from your system. This software is specifically designed to block access to certain sites which are not supposed to be accessed.

What is AskAdmin?

So this software is meant to block certain websites and content with the help of its protection mechanism. It can also block the data from Google Chrome, Skype,  Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, and Built-in apps such as UWP, CMD, bat files, script, reg data, and more. Moreover, if you want to block more data from any particular website, AskAdmin will let you set the password.

How to Use it?

With the help of this software, you can easily block any website or content in your system. There are two different ways to block any file or content.

  • The easiest way is to drag and drop the file, folder, application, or any other data to the main Window of the program and give a command to lock it.
  • Another way is to click ‘add files’ and search for the particular file or folder to block that.

You can also block multiple websites or data at the same time. You just have to drag and drop multiple data at the same time and let the software do its job. 

Attributes of AskAdmin:

The attributes of this software can be as useful as any other app. This protection of this app is on the next level and can be explained in a way.

Easy To Use:

While using AskAdmin you don’t have to learn some new ways to block the content. This Program is easy to use and beginners can operate it without any difficulty. You don’t have to learn any technique or watch any tutorial to learn the functionality of this program.  It is a manageable program and you can easily block any content with its help.

Password Protection:

When you want a particular website or data blocked, then you have to provide a password for it. The password is known by you and you can have access to that particular site when you pass the password. Without the correct password, these particular sites are inaccessible.

Parental Control:

If the parents want to block certain content from any website or their system then they can seek assistance from AskAdmin. While using this software, parents can restrict access and put passwords to the sites and content easily.


This program is compatible with all Windows systems and operates without any hindrance. However, compatibility with Apple products is still not offered by the developers of this software. It runs smoothly on the following systems;

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Multiple Languages:

This application unlike other applications supports multiple languages. These features add more marks to its feasibility. Most of such software only operates in the standard language which makes them restricted from the users who prefer to operate in their native languages. As people from different regions of the world can easily operate it in their preferred language. Some of the main languages that this program support are:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Persian
  • Japanese 
  • Polish
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Urdu
  • And many more languages as well

Block Built-In Apps:

Some apps are already present in the system. It can also block those apps with just a few clicks. Some of the apps such as sticky notes, calculator, or Microsoft Edge, can block or restrict their usage easily. You can block the app by choosing the files and apps that you do not want to be accessed by anyone. These built-in apps can have some of your data that you don’t want to share then you can protect them with AskAdmin. In that way when someone else is using your PC, they can not access your data.

Block Window Components:

While using this app you can also block certain components of the windows, that you don’t want to use. You just have to click on the ‘extras’ choose the selected components and block them. The window components such as task manager or registry.


It is a great program to prevent the reach of others to your confidential files and data. You can allow other users to use your system or when people are working in the office and share the systems, without getting them into your personal information. All of this can be done in a simple encrypted method without going through the complex procedures of blocking content.

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