Arc Welder – Download For Free [March 2023]

Arc Welder Download For Free

Scroll down to download Arc Welder. This tool lets you use your smartphone’s features on a PC or Mac without much hassle.

What is Arc Welder?

It is an Android app development and testing tool available on the Chrome Store that helps you run Android apps on Chrome OS or with Google Chrome on any OS platform (Mac, Windows, and Linux) to download Arc Welder you must have google chrome to download it. 

On the other hand, you can run native Android apps on Chrome OS or Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Nowadays, ARC Welder is very popular.

More and more people are starting to use this unique and very effective package on a regular basis for users. 

There are alternative apps like Genymotion, Bluestacks, Andy, MEmu, and Koplayer which are the competitors of this app. We will recommend the Arc Welder because it is very interesting to load android apps on chrome browser on pc and laptop no matter what operating system you are using.

 It could be very useful to run Android apps in Chrome when Google Play and Apple App Store are vulnerable to abuse. Although right now we can run several applications using ARC Welder, one by one, the developers will surely add more features and take it to the next level. 


Google Chrome extension is the easiest way to test any kind of app you use. First, users will need to add the package to an already existing offer. You will be offered several activation actions. Users have the freedom to write to any file or folder that can be opened with ARC software support. 

You will have a chance that all apps and themes will be well managed. You will be able to write directly to files/folders that can be opened easily with this amazing software. In addition, ARC Welder will allow you to select the directory of the APK sent after completion. 

How to install Arc Welder

In case you are not that familiar with the advanced options, we recommend leaving the default settings. There are several steps to follow to run the tool:

  • First, you have to Download or upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Then download and run ARC Welder from the link below.
  • Now you have to add a third-party APK host.
  • After having the APK file downloaded to your laptop/PC, click on Open.
  • Now simply choose “Phone” and “Tablet” mode – whichever you want to run the app in.
  • In the end, now, you have to click on the “Launch Application” button.

Compatibility on the apps 

Every tool run depends on compatibility. When we tested it, we found that it works perfectly fine for Messenger Lite and Twitter, but won’t load Instagram. Animations and certain effects were a bit slow in the apps that were working properly, but the overall experience was fine. As for games, almost none worked. 

Arc Welder was successful in loading the home screen of some games before it failed to load. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile players who want to play on PC still have to wait for a better alternative to run games in browsers. 

You will also find it very useful if you are a developer for testing your applications. On the other hand, you can also set up and use a VPN in the form of an to download Arc Welder extension on Google Chrome.

Things to be in mind before installation of Arc Welder

There are four things to be considered before the installation of the Arc Welder, which is as follows:

  • Only one specific application can be loaded at a time.
  • Based on your application, you will need to manually select portrait/landscape mode.
  • The tablet and phone mode specifications are necessary because they have different results.
  • ARC Welder is based on Android 4.4. This means that users are required to test apps that support Android 4.4 or higher.


  • Developed by Google, which means the software will evolve quickly considering the upgrade rate of Android (also developed by Google).
  • Enables application testing in the Google Chrome web browser.
  • This is simply the best and easiest way to access any kind of program that is based on Android.


  • ARC Welder does not support all Google Play services.
  • This tool only supports the “ARM” APK format.
  • The installation process is a little bit higher compared to other test apps; it takes 2-3 minutes, while BlueStacks just takes (a one-click install).
  • No accelerometer simulation.
  • There is another drawback: you must select “orientation” mode before entering the details after downloading the Arc Welder interface.


While talking about the quality of the Arc Welder software tool we discussed earlier that there are competitors of ARC Welder like BlueStacks which is often preferred by most developers due to its one-click installation feature. 

Although ARC Welder performs much better, it still ranks 7th (BlueStacks is 6th). Shortcomings aside, ARC Welder continues to evolve and secure a loyal following from beginners to experienced developers.

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